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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the lead-time for keyed orders?

A: 0-20 Locks: Typically ships within 24 hours. 20-100 Locks: Typically ships within 3-5 days. 100+ Locks: Call Sales for details.

Q: How do we know if something will ship the same day?

A: All in-stock orders received by Noon will generally ship the same day. All in-stock orders received after Noon will ship the following day. Please call for stock availability.

Q: What are your shipping terms?

A: Orders of $750 Net or more will be shipped full freight allowed. Freight charges for shipments less than $750 Net will be added to the invoice.

Q: Do you have an order minimum?

A: There is no order minimum.

Q: How long is your transit time on orders?

A: Typically 1-3 days. You can refer to our Time In Transit Guides on the Services page for more details.

Q: Do you accept Online Orders?

A: No, however you may click here for a printable Order Form that you may fax to us.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: No returned goods without prior authorization from Delaney Hardware. All returned merchandise subject to a 20% handling charge, plus 2-way freight. Returns must be made within 45 days of purchase and must be in resalable condition.

Q: What is the keyway of your residential door locks?

A: Both CALLAN and EZ SET come with KW1 standard keyways. SC Keyways are available.

Q: Do your locks fit standard door preps?

A: Yes. See Technical Specifications and Product Features for each product.

Q: Is your interior pack included in the price of the handleset?

A: Yes, all handleset prices include the cost of any interior knob. You may upgrade from the basic round knob to a lever for an additional charge. Several interior lever options require handing, please specify LH or RH.

Q: Are the EZ SET levers reversible?

A: The Manhattan, Escort, Palmer, and Hartford Levers are non-handed. The Royal, Shelby, and Regency Levers are reversible (except for the dummy levers). The Venezia Levers are handed, please specify LH or RH.

Q: Are the CALLAN levers reversible?

A: All of the CALLAN levers are either non-handed or reversible. The reversible levers require handing for the dummy function.

Q: Can you tell me how to key (or take apart) this lock?

A: Written procedures are available on our Services page under Keying Instructions.

Q: What is the difference between a Drive-in Ball Catch and a Mortise Ball Catch?

A: Mortise Ball Catch requires a special mortise on the top of the door to accommodate for the plate surrounding the ball. Drive-in Ball Catch does not require that special mortise, you simply "drive in" to the top of the door.

Q: How do you hand a door?

Q: How do I determine handing for my Handleset Interior Lever?

Q: Can I get displays?

A: Delaney Hardware does offer display allowances. Please contact a Sales Representative for details. Please refer to the Advertising section on our Services page.

Q: Do you have commercial locks?

A: Yes. We have Grade 1 and Grade 2 commercial locks in our EZ SET line available in brushed chrome and oil rubbed bronze. See Commercial Locksets for details.

Q: What is the keyway for your commercial locks?

A: The EZ SET Commercial locks have a "SC" 6-pin keyway standard, with the KW1 Keyway optional.

Q: What door thickness range will your locks accommodate?

A: 1 38" to 1 34" standard. Extension Kits for thicker doors are available for several products. Please ask your customer service representative for options.

Q: What finishes are available?

A: Please see finish guide below. This is a complete list of the finishes that we carry, however not all products are available in every finish. Please see Product Literature for finishes by item.

Index to US Finishes
US3 Bright Brass
US4 Dull Brass
US5 Antique Brass
US32D Stainless Steel
US26D Dull Chrome
US26 Polished Chrome
US15 Satin Nickel
US15A Antique Nickel/Pewter
US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
US10BE Oil Rubbed Bronze Edged
US12P Tuscany Bronze
US2D Dichromate
US28 Aluminum
USP Prime Coat

Q: What causes the Brass finish to deteriorate?

A: There are many reasons why brass metal finishes deteriorate over a period of time. Reactions to paint products that leach onto the finish from the painting of doors, improper use of solvents that are used to clean door locks, different metals contacting each other on metal doors, air quality and acid rain, and acid washing of brick and mortar surface by the brick mason.

Q: How do I care for my DELANEY locksets?

A: All lock manufacturers take steps to protect their products from tarnishing due to the above causes, but brass is a lustrous metal that needs regular attention to retain its original appearance. When brass finish shows signs of age, clean with soapy water, polish with a good brass or metal polish and apply a clear, high gloss lacquer.

Q: When installing my locks, what precautions can I take?

A: Make sure that the painted door is completely dry before installation of locks. If paint does get on the lock, use warm soapy water to remove. Do not use tape to cover lock while painting the door. The removal of tape will remove the protective coating on the brass. Remove hardware from door before power washing brick houses. Use construction locks during building of home. Repeated use by laborers with dirty hands accelerates deterioration of finish.

Q: What is the most durable finish?

A: The PVD – Lifetime finish. While the US32D Stainless Steel finish offers rust resistance and is a durable metal, it is not rust proof.

Q: What is the Lifetime finish?

A: PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology is superior to traditional coating methods. It is one among many surface treatments applied on tools and machine elements to improve e.g. friction, corrosion, and wear properties. In the areas of machining and tooling, PVD coatings are widely used to increase the life and productivity of production tools. This highly specialized, environmentally friendly PVD process occurs inside a vacuum chamber where nitrogen, titanium, zirconium or other metals ions condense and adhere to a chrome plated plastic or metal substrate forming a thin, hard coating. This creates a layer of protection that provides longer lasting resistance to wear and tear of everyday use, and at the same time delivers an attractive more durable finish than alternative processes.

Q: What are the benefits of PVD Coatings?

A: Our PVD finish offers the following benefits:

  • Resists wear
  • Maintains sharp edges and/or corners
  • Prevents galling, seizing, or cold-welding
  • Provides an attractive gold color
  • Safe for surgical devices and food processing
  • Decreases friction
  • Resists corrosion
  • Withstands high temperatures

Q: Do your Bronze finish products carry a finish warranty?

A: Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes are living finishes and are designed to change over time. With normal use the finish may rub off where it is frequently used and darken where it is not. This is considered to be the normal evolution of the finish and is not a defect. Therefore Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes are not covered by a warranty.

Q: What is the difference between US15 & US15A?

A: US15 is the finish code for Satin Nickel. US15A is the finish code for Antique Nickel (or Pewter). Typically the Antique Nickel is a deeper color with more black tones.