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Marketing Tools


" Delaney Hardware is proud to offer a variety of displays to suite all customer types. From our large Revolving Display to our Portable Display Boards, these tools allow your customer to see and feel the locks that youre showcasing. Contact Us now for information on how you can get displays for your business or showroom. "

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" With full color product brochures for each of our 8 product lines, we make shopping from a catalog easy. Please let us know if youd like to Request Literature from any of our product lines. "

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Keying Kits

" For customers who stock our locksets, were happy to provide a keying kit and keying training so that you have a trained keying technician on staff. "

Banners & Signs

" Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Delaney Hardware understands the power of visual marketing aides, so were happy to co-op signs and banners for your showroom, sales counter, or tradeshow that feature our products. Contact Us today to learn more about this opportunity. "


" As our product lines grow to meet the needs of our customers, we strive to keep the most up-to-date information available on our website. With just a click of a button your customer can shop from the convenience of their home. Our website provides full color photos of most of our products, Technical Information, Electronic Literature, and much more. "