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DELANEY University was an idea born out of our employees' desire for more training. What started as a Product Updates has turned into an Education Initiative with emphasis on empowering our employees with the tools they need to thrive.

DELANEY University classes are centered around products, the goal being to educate all employees, regardless of job title, on the basic and advanced features of all of our product lines. Some classes allow employees to cross-train in other areas of the company while others address products that are new or on the horizon. DELANEY University has also grown to include webinars and in-house seminars on Professional Development with classes geared toward individual employee growth and development.

Managers and Employees alike step to the front of the class as instructors and lend their knowledge and expertise to their peers. Encouraging employees to facilitate classes offers benefits that traditional instruction methods may not, such as a more relaxed classroom atmosphere. Libby Elder, General Manager shares "Our employees are our most valued asset. Empowering them with knowledge gives them the greatest opportunity to contribute to our success."

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