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  • Operation Soldier at Ease  
  • Habitat for Humanity DeSota Street Project Completion  
  • Habitat for Humanity DeSota Street Project  
  • DELANEY Sponsors Parapan America Athlete  
  • DELANEY Employees Race for Autism - Facebook Campaign  
  • DELANEY Employees Race for Autism  
  • Georgia Race for Autism  
  • DELANEY Helps Soldier's Family Rebuild
    March 21, 2011

    As spring approaches, new life is evident everywhere, but no where more than at the home of Army Spc. Michael Walker who is starting a new life in a new home with his family of 6. On March 20, 2011 Walker, his wife, and their 4 children celebrated the dedication of their new four bedroom, two bath house built by Habitat for Humanity of Hall County.

    Walker returned from Afganistan over a year ago only to find that he had no home to go to. The family’s home burned while they drove back from Fort Stewart last March. The fire, which originated from the clothes dryer, left the family of 6 homeless until just last month.

    Upon reading about the Walker’s story, Habitat for Humanity and Clark Howard joined together to provide this soldier’s family with a new beginning.

    "The fact that he came back after being 14 months overseas homeless and in a shelter, that’s just wrong," said Howard, Atlanta based radio and TV consumer advocate and builder of more than 40 Habitat for Humanity houses.

    It took less than a week to raise the money needed to start the build, but the giving didn’t stop once the funds were raised. The Delaney Co. heard of the Walker’s story and knew that they could help in more ways than one. Aside from donating door hardware, hinges, bathroom accessories and trim hardware, two Delaney employees also donated thier time.

    Nick Zappala, Sales Coordinator, shows a Habitat High student how to install and program a PRIVEX AP501 Digital Deadbolt on the Walker’s front door.
    Sherry Lewis and Nick Zappalla lended their helping hands just weeks before the dedication. "What a great opportunity to give back to a family who has already given so much. Being able to allow our employees to donate their time and expertise to this project was a privledge not only for Delaney, but for our employees."

    And Delaney’s expertise was put to good use. Nick Zappala and Sherry Lewis were joined by a class full of students who are party of Hall County’s Habitat High. This program is for high school students who’ve had at least two years of construction classes and are ready to put their skills to good use.

    Sherry Lewis, Inside Sales Rep at Delaney, installs Trim Hardware in one of the Walker’s bathrooms.
    "When I realized that there were going to be construction students helping out, I was even more excited. Not only did I get the chance to help make the Walker’s dream a reality, I got to lend my knowledge to kids who are shaping our future," said Zappala. "This experience was double rewarding."

    "As an Inside Sales Rep, I typically don’t have an opportunity to step away from the phones and get hands on with our products," said Lewis. "Being able to donate my time to the Walker build was so rewarding, both personally and professionally. It gave me a good feeling about what I was doing and also some great experience as to what my customers are out there doing."

    Walker, who has a background in construction, and his family put over 300 hours into the build themselves. "I roofed the whole house myself," he said.

    The Walkers were joined at the Dedication by friends, family, volunteers, and other community supporters. After the festivities, Walker retreated to the family’s swing set where he pushed his two daughters and began enjoying their life together in their new home.

    Courtesy given to the Gainesville Times for some of the information found in this article.
  • DELANEY Employees Enter Bootcamp

    On January 29, 2011 Delaney employees spent their Saturday kicking off a very big initiative during their Annual Company Meeting. Rather than the typical crazy day of games and team building, Delaney spent this meeting focusing on what’s most important – Training.

    Working Smarter, Not Harder – Only the Serious Survive was the theme for the meeting; and as employees arrived they embarked on a day of Delaney Boot Camp. Employee volunteers along with our highly experienced Sales Management Team performed mock sales calls to illustrate to employees what a typical Delaney Sales Call might look like. While some of our Thespians made it easier on our Sales Managers than our actual customers might, it allowed employees to see and hear how Delaney is being presented to current and potential customers. In addition, it afforded an opportunity to offer some valuable training on several new product lines that Delaney is now introducing to the market, including our ever popular PRIVEX Digital Security line.

    While the day was broken up with "Minute to Win It" challenges where employees won prizes ranges from a $100 bill to a day of PTO Time, the majority of the time focused on training. After each training session was complete, employees were awarded Dog Tags representing what they’d learned during their time at Delaney Boot Camp. But as Boot Camp ended, employees were immediately enrolled in Delaney University where training will continue throughout the year and employees will continue to earn Dog Tags for their accomplishments.

    Delaney University, also known as Delaney U, will begin in February. A variety of classes will be offered and employees will earn credits for all classes completed. In addition, Delaney plans to take its University on the Road. Stay tuned for more information on how you can get a Delaney U class taught at your place of business or how you can attend a course at Delaney. Until then, everyone Work Smarter, Not Harder!
  • Habitat for Humanity
    Delaney is honored to be a part of a very special home building project through Habitat for Humanity of Hall County, Georgia. Army Specialist Michael Walker returned home in March after more than a year of active duty in Afghanistan. The homecoming that he had envisioned, being reunited with his wife and 4 children, was not as joyous as they had anticipated. On their ride home from Fort Stewart the family received news that their mobile home had burned and all their household possessions were destroyed. Their story spread quickly and it wasn’t long before Habitat for Humanity of Hall County made the announcement that they would begin fund raising for a new home for the Walker family. The Delaney Company was pleased to donate the door hardware and bath accessories for the home, as well as allowing employees to volunteer time during business hours. "Giving back to the community just feels good, giving back to a soldier and his family just feels right," said Libby Elder, General Manager of Delaney. "When I was approached back in August by one of our long time customers, JB Pro, Inc. about partnering with him on the hardware and installation, it was an easy decision. We’re all in." We’re all looking forward to seeing the family moved in to their new home later this winter. If you’re interest in donating materials or your time to Habitat for Humanity visit their website at habitat.org to find a local build project in your area.
  • Angela & Melissa
    The Delaney Co. has an annual tradition throughout the office at this time of year……Secret Santa. I know many companies hold similar gift exchange events, but I’m not sure anyone does it with the enthusiasm of our people. Several years ago as our list of participants continued to grow, we collectively decided that it was time we channeled some of this holiday enthusiasm and joy of giving outside the walls of Delaney. We "adopted" our first family five years ago. As I recall this family of five had three small children and were struggling to make ends meet. We’ll never forget the array of gifts surrounding the Christmas Tree at that year’s annual party or the look on the mom’s face as she entered as our guest of honor. The joy of giving has never been stronger at Delaney. Our employees continue to be some of the most generous giving people. This year we again had the true honor of adopting a local family. This family of two has faced and continues to face some unbelievable challenges. Melissa, age 21, has learning disabilities and functions at a third grade level. Her mom Angela is a two time cancer survivor, who has just been diagnosed with Lupus and is unable to work. While some facing these circumstances might loose hope, Melissa’s infectious giggles keep Angela’s spirits high and have captured the hearts of our Delaney elves. On a side note, Melissa recently was awarded Special Olympics Most Valuable Player. If you’d like to contribute to Special Olympics please visit their website at specialolympics.org for opportunities to volunteer or donate.
  • The Delaney Planeteers
    Do you remember the early 90’s cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers? Five teenagers from different regions of the world come together to fight pollution, criminals, and natural disasters. Each Planeteer possesses their own unique special power based on one of the four classical elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water, as well as a fifth element Heart. This carton was the inspiration for The Delaney Planeteers. We’ve adapted the roles of the Planeteers to more closely align with the challenges faced in a business environment, however the names remain the same. We now have 5 Teams, committees if you will, who meet regularly to tackle such topics as Improved Customer Service Tools, New Product Development, and Safey, just to name a few. In just a short couple of months Team Earth has rolled out a recycling program for the company that includes bottles, cans, and cardboard – added to the metal recycling we’ve been doing for several years. Team Wind has just asisted in the successful upgrading of our accounting software. Preparing for year end inventory has never been easier with the help of Team Water. Customer Service is the continual focus of Team Fire and Team Heart has coordinated the community outreach projects mentioned above. Stay tuned for future adventures of The Delaney Planeteers.
  • Introducing CALLAN2
    The Delaney Co. is excited to introduce our new Grade 2 Residential lock line. Available in our most popular styles and finishes, CALLAN2 is an affordable way to upgrade any home. See under What’s New for additional information.
  • DELANEY is proud of its long standing relationship with EZSET locksets and has become the Largest EZSET Distributor in the World!
    EZSET by DELANEY ® Commercial Products reflect a stronger commitment to the EZSET brand. Already a leader in the Commercial Lock industry, we have partnered with them to develop more EZSET branded products, like Door Closers and Exit Devices.

  • Other News
    The Delaney Co. just completed it’s 4-month wellness program, entitled Be WELL, Wellness + Exercise = Longer Life.

    The program, which started as part of an initiative to help control the group’s health insurance rates, grew into a program that encompassed Physical Health, Mental Health, and the health of the Community.

    The program included services like Free Physicals, Guest Speakers from the Medical and Wellness professions, Free healthy lunches prepared by managers, free pedometers to encourage exercise, a Biggest Loser Challenge, and more.

    Throughout the program, the company also sponsored charitable events as its way to contribute toward the health and wellness of the community. The group donated over 200lbs of food to a local food bank during the holidays and collected over 60 pieces of winter gear for family’s who needed warm coats, gloves and blankets.

    In addition, the company implemented it’s first Delaney Service Saturday in which all employees worked on a community project. The projects included landscaping the local Community Service Center, Cleaning out a basement for a local Foster Care organization, packing Health Kits for Haiti victims, and making Greeting Cards for deployed Soldiers.

    "The Be WELL program opened my eyes to many aspects of wellness that I had never considered before, like taking care of my skin, exercising more, and monitoring things like blood pressure. Even though I’m a pretty healthy person, the guest speakers and educational programs really helped me to understand that long-term wellness must start now," says Amy Densmore, Purchasing Agent.

    Like Amy, many employees are adopting lifestyle changes that they’ll hopefully carry with them through the months and years ahead. From sharing healthy recipes to group walks during lunch and break, one thing’s for sure, The Delaney Co. employees are in it for the Health of It!!